Happy New Year!

1545178_10202446223213739_38011077_nHola Internet!

I’ve been gone for a spell but you didn’t miss anything. Trust me on that. I’ve actually written several posts but didn’t publish any of them because none were fit to read. They were full of frustration and angst. And who needs more of that, right? The fog has lifted…for now.

In an attempt to gain a great knowledge of where my food comes from and what it’s made of, I’m going to attempt to make more of the food I eat myself this year. As we speak, I’m making bread. OMG my kitchen smells amazeballs!

I’m continuing on the quest towards understanding me and getting out of this rut that I’m in. I plan on taking more risks and doing more…stuff. I’m not great with summaries. Just trust me and jump on the train.

Less weight/more money/no drama/more fun/stay positive regardless of the circumstances!

More to follow!



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