Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself

I am participating in the WordPress Zero to Hero initiative and today is DAY 1. Over the next 30 days, WordPress will give participating bloggers one assignment a day to help build a more consistent blogging habit and to give direction and focus to their blog.

Zero to Hero started on January 1st but you can begin whenever, so I’m starting today.


I am Essplus. Essplus is a pseudonym and is representative of my station in life. I am Single plus several other adjectives such as Black, funny, heavy, smart, middle aged, compassionate, divorced, etc. But I’m much more than all these words. Essplus (S+) is the way I string together all those adjectives, much like personal ads do with SBF, MWM, DBM, GWF, etc. If you don’t know what those acronyms mean, God bless you. I hope you never, ever have to!


This blog is about me and my conscious effort to get back into living after several job changes, a painful divorce, broken friendships, and several deaths left me basically incapacitated and afraid to live. I know there are other middle-aged women out there that are in my position. I’ve spoken with MANY of them. I want to let them know they’re not alone. I’ve experienced lots of opportunities for growth have learned SO MUCH from them. I want to share.

To say my interests are varied is an understatement. Here, you’ll find thoughtful observations, items I find on the internet, lots of pictures, songs, poems and other awesome randomness. I cook a lot so there’ll be recipes and probably a good bit of talk about weight loss. I have a whole person to lose.

So I hope you’ll check back often and tune in to my randomness. Maybe you’ll find a bit of yourself in my offerings. I hope to inspire someone to get out there and live.


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