Sunday Snapshot

I went out to the Tomato Festival at City Roots Urban Farm. I picked up some Pink Lady tomatoes and briefly hung out with my people...the hippies. Columbia is truly becoming a foodie town with a large sustainable food movement. And I am here for it!   Palmetto Tasty Tomato Festival

Ponder This

You have to learn to dislike people and remain around them. It doesn't benefit anybody and does not facilitate your learning if you avoid people you dislike. Learn from them. It will carve the understanding of yourself. S+


They come and go, her lovers. In and out of her life. Leaving remnants of pain, lust, love... But he remains, Tall, Strong, handsome, Nameless, faceless, her dream. Always wrapping her in the gentle haven Of his arms, Enclosing her in a cocoon of an emotion so strong She can touch it with her fingertips … Continue reading Dreamer


...and I wrap myself In my worn cloak of loneliness, As I watch the suns rise On other horizons, Watch the stars fall on shores I've shared.   The mist wafts across the ground, Erasing my footsteps, Masking my path. I am gone. Forgotten. V. Elizabeth Clark Photo: Foggy Beach by Michael Thomas